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About Us

TFE is incorporated in 2013 with the mission to provide viable solutions to our customers to cater for their continuous business improvement. Our objective is strived to establish strong relationship with our client by providing a comprehensive facility solutions at competitive pricing.

With an enthusiastic and experienced team, we are capable to undertake projects with design, project management and construction requirement. Our team have extensive experiences in the industry and we have successfully managed and completed numerous projects of multi-disciplines.

We maintain our competitiveness thru self-performing work. This also enables us to ascertain and achieve high quality in our deliverables.

As a newly established firm gradually asserting its reputation in this market, we understand that customers’ trust and confidence is the key element to the development of our business. Hence we strive to constantly improving ourselves to deliver the utmost service and quality to our customer.

Core Values


To provide viable solutions to our Customers for their continuous business improvement.


To provide a conducive and continuous learning environment where employees are motivated to excel in their field.


Attain profitable operations thru innovative and new business opportunities.


Enforced by consistent Quality Controls and Measures.                   


Play our part to contribute to our society.

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